Manual Lymphatic Drainage Cranbourne

MLD is a very specific massage technique that works with pressure, direction and timing.

It is a very light & relaxing technique, as 75% of your lymph fluid sits just below the skin.
About 1.5-2L of lymph circulates throughout the whole body per day.  Research has shown that with correct application, lymphatic circulation can increase to 10-20L per day!

So what do we use it for?
– Fluid Retention
– Digestive Problems
– Lymphodema
– Sinusitus/Hay Fever
– Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
– Dentistry
– Pre and Post Surgery
– Stress and Relaxation
– Migraines
– Pain Relief
– Reducing Inflammation
– Fibromyalgia
– Bruising
– Oedema During Pregnancy
– Improve Immunity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lymphatic drainage good for?

Lymphatic drainage treatments are good for increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid, which reduces toxins in your body. This helps strengthen your immune system and fight infections.  It can also help to disperse unwanted swelling & fluid retention.

How often should you have lymphatic drainage treatment?

There is no right number of treatments that you should have, as everyone will have different circumstances. Our trained therapists can advise how often you should have a lymphatic drainage treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Lymphodema can be a major issue for those who have had breasts removed through surgery for breast cancer especially if the lymph nodes have been removed also. Likewise, those who have had a limb amputated will also suffer the swelling associated with Lymphodema as well as some of our elderly community.

Our physiotherapists who have expertise in this area has had years of experience in this area and can also teach you self massage techniques if appropriate for your condition. The specialised Lymphatic Drainage massage for Lymphodema requires gentle stroking type massage called effleurage. This specialised massage helps to push the fluid from underneath the skin and direct it toward the lymph nodes where the fluid is then returned back to circulation.

Patients with Lymphodema will notice a swelling usually starting in the most distal joint such as the hand or the foot.

Some massage therapists perform a type of lymphatic drainage massage.  Depending on the purpose of the massage, sometimes a massage therapist lymphatic massage will do. 

The difference is that a physiotherapist will strictly perform lymphatic drainage and clear the lymph to drain into the lymph nodes.  As massage therapist performs a type of massage that may not be suitable for some clients such as those who have had amputations or breast and lymph node removals.


Lymphatic drainage is a specialised massage technique done by physiotherapist with specific training in that area. It is not usually performed by massage therapists unless they have undergone specific training in this area.


The fluid then accumulates and moves further up the limb until the entire limb is involved. If left unattended the fluid can leak out of the tissues. If this happens the Lymphodema has usually turned into cellulitis. Cellulitis can be life threatening if not treated and tissue death can occur in the affected limb.

It is essential to see a Lymphatic Drainage Physiotherapist who can attend to the Lymphodema, fit you for compression garments if necessary and teach you some self massage/management techniques in order for you to maintain as healthy lifestyle as possible.

It is important to note that those patients who have had breast enhancement surgery also require Lymphatic Drainage massage after their procedure to maintain healthy tissue in that area.

Book in for a consultation or treatment with one of our experienced lymphatic drainage physiotherapists at Melbourne Muscle Medics.


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