Mobility Workshops

Mobility (or lack thereof) is becoming a large issue in our modern lives.

Our Mobility Workshops are designed to teach you different things that you can do in your every day life to increase your overall mobility.

What happens if you lack mobility?:

  • Every day movements (even those little ones you take for granted) become hard and painful
  • Your ability to maintain good posture decreases
  • You likely spend most days in pain (or doing whatever you can to avoid feeling pain – possibly taking many painkillers)
  • Increased likelihood of developing depression due to lack of movement and pain

How we can help:

FREE Beginner Mobility Workshop:

Learn the benefits of mobility and how to stretch every muscle group.

Approx 1hr long.

Best of all, ITS FREE!!!

Advanced Mobility Workshop:

Learn more in-depth stretches and exercises to increase mobility.

These may include equipment, balance, core strengthening and more.

Approx 45 mins – 1 hr long.

(Packages can be used for any of our group fitness classes too)


Current Timetable:

No classes are currently running due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Stay tuned for when they are back!!!

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