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Massage that will give you a chance to relax and get the relief that you need. Pick from a wide range of massages and specialised treatments.

Remedial Massage in Cranbourne


Have you injured yourself?
Do you have a niggle that
just won’t go away?


Do you have a long-term / chronic issue that is negatively impacting your life?


Do you need to unwind?
  Destress after a long day?
We can help!


Pregnancy Massage can be a very helpful tool to minimise your pain and help with many common pregnancy ailments.

Synergy Stone

Have you ever had a traditional hot stone massage before?  
….Because this is way better!

Lymphatic Drainage

A very specific massage technique
that works with pressure,
direction and timing.

Are you experiencing...


Headaches, tension and muscle soreness

Restricted movement

Trouble reaching, bending over and limited flexibility


Difficulty getting comfortable, can't sleep

No plan and don't know where to start

Delaying action and persistent problems are getting worse

Everyday life can be taxing on our bodies and with muscle aches and pains, pushing through the simplest daily tasks can be challenging.

Melbourne Muscle Medics provides relief for troubled muscles, to give you back your freedom. Treatments and personalised plans tailored to your condition and lifestyle, with ongoing support and maintenance where it's needed. Certified, experienced, practitioners with expert knowledge on muscles and the human body. Restorative and preventative treatments in a comfortable, friendly environment to heal, restore and maintain muscle health and vitality. Easy, accessible and convenient, so you can get on with your day.

Try Melbourne Muscle Medics
and feel the difference


Book an appointment

Quick and easy online booking system
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Detailed consultation and treatment
and, if needed, establish a tailored plan to preserve and maintain.



Feel alive again and take back your
freedom of movement.

First clients now friends!

What people are saying about Melbourne Muscle Medics massages.

The frustration of chronic pain and restricted movement is a heavy burden which can result in downtime from work and family, and raise stress levels of us and our loved ones. Being unable to participate and enjoy the beautiful moments life brings, impacts time that we can never get back.

How to book a treatment

Still have questions? we have the answers. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation or a quick chat.

Do your kids ever complain that they’re sore?  Do they struggle to sleep deeply?

They might need a massage too!


Do you need to work on your fitness, lose some weight, gain some strength?

Click here!


Do you know how to stretch and keep your body mobile for the long-term?

Try a complimentary Mobility Workshop!




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