Tape can be used for pain relief, support and taking pressure off our muscles and joints.

This is a great option for extended support, and commonly used within our Remedial and Myotherapy treatments.

Taping can be very helpful with conditions such as:

Muscle strains/tears, general aches & pains, sprained/rolled ankles, knee pain, shoulder pain and many more!
Special styles of taping can also help support pregnant bellies, decrease swelling/inflammation and speed up the healing process of bruising.

If taping will be required regularly – such as supporting ankles before a netball game – we can teach you how to tape yourself.

Depending on your present condition, your therapist may use:

  • Rigid tape – designed to hold joints in place and provide lots of support and restrict some movement to help prevent re-injury
  • Kinesiology tape (k-tape or rock tape) – a stretchy tape, designed to take pressure off muscles/joints and provide some support, without restricting your movement.

Most tape will last 3-5 days.  You can get it wet, just try to pat it dry instead of rubbing it dry to help it last longer.

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